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 Heelo 8-) I'm Fille!

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Le Fille
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PostSubject: Heelo 8-) I'm Fille!   Wed Oct 31, 2012 5:29 am

You might be thinking: "Hahah That means girl" That is, if you know french. I'm Fille, and my name is supposed to be 'La fille' but anyway.

I like my small Nikon camera, as well as my 3Ds one :b
I like cake
I like Table Tennis
I like soccer
I lake cricket
I like my brother
I like chocolate
I like spicy stuff.

I hate insects
I hate hot places
I hate my bestie ( </3 )
I hate guys (lmao)
I hate bullies
I hate boastful people
I hate people who want to speak but pretend to be shy
I hate racist people
I hate Ice hockey
I hate bitter stuff.

Haha, Long list.
If you read it all, I wanna give you an award! 8D

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Heelo 8-) I'm Fille!
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